The first event of the joint tripartite partnership Volleyball Senza Confini between Stoychev-Kaziyski Volleyball Academy, Verona Volleyball Italy and TSV Hartberg Austria took place.

From December 27 to 30, 2023 the three clubs held a training camp for the U20 Men’s teams, in which they had the opportunity to test their strength in friendly matches and train together, and the coaches to exchange valuable experience in joint training. The camp was held in the city of Hartberg in Austria. The organization of the hosts was at an excellent level, and the sports facility with two volleyball halls, one of which with three volleyball courts, a gym equipped with everything necessary available only to the club from Hartberg, and a recovery center with various types of saunas and hot and cold pools is a prerequisite for a high level of preparation, which the club’s representative men’s and women’s teams show in the Austrian Championships.

The three days were spent with morning volleyball activities organized in mixed groups by positions with specific requirements for different types of game situations. In addition, conditioning sessions were held with Hartberg’s trainers, who shared how they work on specific physical attributes.

“It was very interesting for us to be on the same field with the guys from the other teams and get sets by their setters or reception by their receivers. Even though we haven’t trained together, we got along very quickly and had great training sessions” This is what the boys from Verona and Hartberg shared.

In the friendly matches played, our boys prevailed over Verona Volley and lost to Hartberg. The matches took place under very good organization and it was a real pleasure for the competitors and their coaches.

In addition to the hall, the boys had the opportunity to take a walk around and see the sights of this small town with a rich history – the preserved two towers from the defensive wall built as early as the 3rd century BC, the beautiful Schloss castle built around 1130 and the church in town.

This is the first event of our tripartite partnership and in 2024 various initiatives are coming up, which will take place in the three countries – Austria, Italy, and Bulgaria. We believe that this is a good incentive for our players to learn and work hard in the training process so that they can be competitive and beat their peers from Italy and Austria, and why not one day very soon to play in one of their championships alongside the best volleyball players in the world.