General Terms

Participants are required to:


– Observe the daily program and not be late for activities

– To be present at work with the equipment provided to them

– Have a swimming hat, flip flops, glasses and a bathrobe for swimming

– To attend all meals

– To be in their rooms at the time set for a lunch break

– To be in their rooms no later than 22:30. and not leave them after that hour

– Inform an official (manager, coach, doctor) at any time of the day if they do not feel well

– Keep your personal belongings. Big Volley Camp is not responsible for lost or stolen personal belongings

– To protect the property of the complex in which they are staying

– Keep your rooms in a decent and hygienic look.


Participants are entitled:


– Leave the territory of the complex ONLY after explicit approval of the group manager and after a precise return time has been requested.

– To go to the beach ONLY at the time set for that

– Be seen with parents and relatives only in the specified free time of the daily schedule

– Use their mobile devices only in the hours from 21:30 to 22:30 (The rest of the time will be with the group leaders)

– Voluntarily leave a camp at your own will. In such cases, the money is not reimbursed


Participants are strictly forbidden:


– To import and use alcohol, cigarettes and narcotic substances. Rulebreakers will  be removed without warning.

– To import objects that endanger the health of the participants (knives, boxes, weapons, etc.)

– Offend officials, staff or other camp participants. In such a case the participant receives a formal warning and the supervisor informs the guardian parent about the offense. In the case of a second violation under this point, the child is removed from the camp.

– To engage in physical abuse with others. Depending on the extent of the offense, the BIG VOLLEY CAMP management reserves the right to judge whether the participant receives an official warning or is removed from a campaign

– Leave your room after 22:30.

– Leave the complex without permission


* When removing a participant, the BIG VOLLEY CAMP management contacts the parent who has to respond or send another person to take the child up to 24 hours. from the moment of the call


Other provisions:


– Carbonated and energy drinks will be confiscated

– Any kind of “junk food” will be confiscated