The BIG Volley Camp team has extensive theoretical and practical experience as pedagogues and coaches in education and sports. In addition to innovative thinking and experience, the most valuable thing for us is motivation – to work with much desire and love for children.


Engaged in the BIG Volley Camp will be licensed specialists with years of experience working with children. Each of them will have the chance to receive personal advice and recommendations from the coaches, and then they will be in a group with no more than 15 peers. This will allow boys and girls to get the most out of the workouts that will last for an hour and a half.


The right approach and age-appropriate activities are the best way to grow and improve your child’s personal activity.


Every child wants to be a winner, which is why we also plan to grow and improve our own skills. We encourage children to do their best, not to be the best. Professionally developed programs improve children’s motor skills while helping them grow intellectually, socially and emotionally.


The most important part of the BIG Volley Camp programs is the optimistic attitude of staff towards children. This means that everyone works with a smile and cheerful mood that immediately predisposes children. So we work for the tranquility of children and parents.